Custom-Cal has for sale a new CeYear (CETC) AV81313. Also, short calibration turn times minimize downtime and reasonable rates decrease your long-term cost of ownership and minimizes downtime of the CeYear (CETC) AV81313. We specialize in quick turnaround times and we can handle expedited deliveries upon request.

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List Price for a new CeYear (CETC) AV81313, $900.00   CeYear (CETC) AV81313   Description / Specification:    
CeYear (CETC) AV81313 50 GHz 2.4 mm Power Divider

The CeYear AV81313 Power Divider has a wide frequency range, good amplitude & phase balance.

Frequency Range: DC to 50 GHz.
Isolation: 9 dB minimum.
Return Loss: 10 dB minimum.
Insertion Loss: 7.7 maximum.
Amplitude Balance: ±0.5 dB.
Phase Balance: ±5 degrees.
Path: 2.
Input Power: 0.5 Watt maximum.
Connector: 2.4 mm female.


Related RF Terms and Definitions. For a complete list go to our  Terms and Definitions Page.

Adjacent Channel Power
Adjacent Channel Power is the power from a modulated communications channel that leaks into an adjacent channel. This leakage is usually specified as a ratio to the power in the main channel, but is sometimes an absolute power.

Fall Time
Fall time is the time required for the amplitude of a pulse to decrease (fall) from a specified value (usually 90 percent of the peak value exclusive of overshoot or undershoot) to another specified value (usually 10 percent of the maximum value exclusive of overshoot or undershoot).

Overshoot is the distortion that follows a major transition; the difference between the peak power point and the pulse-top amplitude computed as a percentage of the pulse-top amplitude.

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