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Polarization Meter

General description of Polarization Meter 's for sale.
Polarization is a fundamental property of light. It is defined in terms of pattern traced out in the transverse plane by the electric field vector as a function of time.
There are different types of Polarization Meters, they include
Polarization Controllers which is an optical device that allows one to modify the polarization state of light. Polarization controllers can be operated without feedback, typically by manual adjustment or by electrical signals from a generator, or with automatic feedback.
Polarization Extinction Ratio Meters which allows one to measure the output extinction ratio of light from a fiber.
Polarization Scramblers which actively changes the state of polarization (SOP) using polarization modulation method.
Polarization Mode Dispersion Analyzers that measure PMD which is a form of modal dispersion where two different polarizations of light in a waveguide, which normally travel at the same speed, travel at different speeds due to random imperfections and asymmetries, causing random spreading of optical pulses.
Polarization Meters also include Polarization Stabilizers, Polarization Analyzers and Polarization Dependent Loss Multimeters for measuring PDL.

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 ManufacturerModelInstrument TypeOEM NameList Price
DetailsUC INSTRUMENTSGM8015Polarization MeterMotorized Polarization ScramblerPrice $3,950.00

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