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Custom-Cal has a used ILX LIGHTWAVE LDC-3900 4-Ch Modular Laser Diode Controller in stock and ready for purchase at a fair price. All units sold by Custom-Cal are provided with an applicable NIST traceable calibration/performance verification and a 90 day warranty (unless otherwise noted). With this added service, you can be confident that you are buying a fully functional unit that meets OEM specifications.

We are always willing to work with the customer on price. If you would like to buy a used ILX LIGHTWAVE LDC-3900 but, don't see the price you want, please name your price below and we will try to find one for you to purchase. The ILX LIGHTWAVE LDC-3900 can also be rented.
ILX LIGHTWAVE LDC-3900 4-Ch Modular Laser Diode Controller

General description of the used ILX LIGHTWAVE LDC-3900 for sale.
The ILX Lightwave LDC-3900 Modular Laser Diode Controller features four channels with eight isolated outputs for controlling multiple laser diodes. Modules include current sources, these modules also feature a photodiode measurement circuit for devices with backfacet monitor photodiode and analog modulation up to 500kHz for dithering the laser current for wavelength tuning. Five different current source modules up to 8A can be driven in any one of the following modes: Constant current, low bandwidth; Constant current, high bandwidth; Constant optical power. TE (thermoelectric) controller modules with up to 32W of power and voltage measurement. TEC modules accept thermistor, IC and RTD temperature sensors. A low noise, biopolar output with TE voltage measurement and an ultra-stable topology achieves stabilities better than 0.005°C. Controller modules combine a current source with a temperature controller in one module. Laser current from 200mA to 2A is available with an integrated 12W temperature controller for current and temperature control of laser diodes.. An independent power supply powers each channel, providing protection and stability for your laser diode. Standard GPIB IEEE interface.

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11601139001942Calibration $325Price $2,500.00

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