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TEKTRONIX CSA8000B Communications Signal Analyzer Mainframe

General description of the used TEKTRONIX CSA8000B for sale.
The Tektronix CSA8000B Communications Signal Analyzer is designed for evaluation and manufacturing test of datacom and telecom components, transceiver subassemblies and transmission systems. It generates measurement results, not just raw data, with time and amplitude histograms, mask testing and statistical measurements. It provides a communications-tailored measurement set that includes jitter, noise, duty cycle, overshoot, undershoot, extinction ratio, Q-factor, mean optical power and amplitude measurements for both RZ and NRZ signals. The CSA8000B supports a large family of optical and electrical plug-in modules. This modular architecture lets you configure the instrument with the right features for your application both now and in the future. The available optical modules provide complete optical test solutions for both telecom (155 Mb/s to 43 Gb/s) and datacom (Fiber Channel, InfiniBand and Gigabit Ethernet) applications.

Signal Acquisition.
Acquisition Modes: Sample (normal), envelope and average.
Number of Sampling Modules Accommodated: Up to four, dual-channel electrical and two, single-channel optical sampling modules.
Number of Simultaneously Acquired Inputs: Eight channels maximum (eight electrical or two optical and six electrical).

Vertical Systems.
Rise Time/Bandwidth: Determined by the sampling modules used.
Vertical Resolution: 14 bits over the sampling modules' dynamic range.

Horizontal System.
Main and Magnification View Timebases: 1 ps/div to 5 ms/div in 1-2-5 sequence or 1 ps increments.
Maximum Trigger Rate: 200 kHz.
Typical Acquisition Rate: 150 Ksamples/sec per channel.
Time Interval Accuracy: Horizontal scale: <21 ps/div: 1 ps + 1% of interval.
Horizontal scale: ≥21 ps/div, 8 ps +0.1% of interval (short-term optimized mode), 8 ps + 0.01% of interval (locked to 10 MHz mode).
Horizontal Deskew Range: -500 ps to +100 ns on any individual channel in 1 ps increments.
Record Length: 20, 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2000 or 4000 samples.

Trigger System.
Trigger Sources: External direct trigger.
External pre-scaled trigger.
Internal clock trigger: Internally connected to direct trigger.
Clock recovery triggers (from optical sampling modules): internally connected to pre-scaled trigger.
Trigger Sensitivity External direct trigger output: 50 mV, DC -4 GHz (typical).
Internal Clock: Adjustable from 25 to 200 kHz (drives TDR, internal clock output and calibrator).
Trigger Level Range: ±1.0 V.
Trigger Input Range: ±1.5 V.
Trigger Holdoff: Adjustable 5 μs to 100 ms in 2 ns increments.

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