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AGILENT 44473A 4x4 Matrix Switch Module

General description of the used AGILENT 44473A for sale.
The Agilent 44473A Matrix Switch provides a 4 x 4 matrix of 2-wire switches. Each node (crosspoint) in the matrix contains a latching relay that connects a row to a column. Both Hi (H) and Lo (L) lines are switched. More than one switch can be closed at a time, allowing any combination of rows and columns to be connected. This matrix switch offers highly flexible switching for testing devices over a frequency range of dc to 100 kHz. Multiple 44473A modules may be connected together to form a larger matrices. The 44473A can also be used in conjunction with other modules (such as the 44470A 10-Channel MUX) to provide a wide variety of switching combinations. When wiring between multiple modules, keep wire length as short as possible to minimize noise and signal degradation.

Total Channels: 16
Maximum Voltage Terminal-Terminal or Terminal-Chassis: 250 V, dc or ac rms.
Maximum Current Per Channel: 2 A, dc or ac rms.
Maximum Current Per Module: 8 A, dc or ac rms.
Maximum Power Per Channel: 60 W dc; 500 VA ac.
Maximum Power Per Module: 240 W dc; 2000 VA ac.
Maximum Overvoltage Transients: 1400 Vpk.
Thermal Offset: < 3 μV differential.
Initial Closed Channel Resistance: < 1 Ω.

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