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Custom-Cal has used Temperature Recording / Thermometer 's in stock and ready for purchase at a fair price. All units sold by Custom-Cal are provided with an applicable NIST traceable calibration/performance verification and a 90 day warranty (unless otherwise noted). With this added service, you can be confident that you are buying a fully functional unit that meets OEM specifications.

We are always willing to work with the customer on price. If you would like to buy a used Temperature Recording / Thermometer but, don't see the price you want, please name your price below and we will try to find one for you to purchase.

General description of used Temperature Recording / Thermometer 's for sale.
A thermometer is a device that measures temperature or a temperature gradient using a variety of different principles. Digital thermometers can use a thermocouple which is a temperature-measuring device consisting of two dissimilar conductors that contact each other at one or more spots. They also can use a thermistor which is a type of resistor whose resistance varies significantly with temperature. Another type of thermometer is an infrared thermometer which infers temperature from a portion of the thermal radiation sometimes called blackbody radiation emitted by the object being measured.


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PurchaseCC IDManufacturermodelOEM NameDescriptionInstrument NotesSale Price
123453KEITHLEY740Scanning ThermometerCalibration $175Price $450
123457KEITHLEY740Scanning ThermometerCalibration $175Price $450
123458KEITHLEY740Scanning ThermometerCalibration $175Price $450
123459KEITHLEY740Scanning ThermometerCalibration $175Price $450
123460KEITHLEY740Scanning ThermometerCalibration $175Price $450

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