Test Equipment Calibration & Test Equipment Repair Services
Custom Fit for Your Business

Custom Calibration Solutions, LLC, an ISO/IEC 17025 accreditated company, meets your business goals by striking the optimum balance between quality objectives and cost. Custom-Cal can optimize your test equipment calibration program through the use of our customized procedures and integrated processes. Our test equipment repair services can save forty percent or more compared to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) flat rates.

Our experts routinely repair sophisticated and expensive instruments, often providing the flexibility to defer
capital investments in retooling and new equipment.

  • Custom-Cal's Buyer Assurance mediates the risk associated with buying and selling used test equipment.
  • When repair is uneconomical, we assist you in sourcing and selecting viable replacement options.
  • We help minimize downtime or faulty test equipment with our warranty and service contracts.
  • Testing and calibration guarantee that your instruments are within OEM specifications.
  • We utilize only selected vendors to improve delivery and lower your overall cost.

Trust Custom-Cal for all of your instrument needs.

With Custom-Cal, Your total cost is lower because:
All our resources are in-house. We rarely outsource complex communications and optical equipment. You deal direct with a trusted source and avoid markup costs.
Our on-site calibration team comes directly to you offering test equipment calibration at your bench or test station. We go the extra mile to save you downtime, headaches and cost.
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Custom-Cal has expertise in a vast array of equipment repair.
Test equipment insiders rely on us for our unique ability to service all types of instruments only considered repairable by the original manufacturer.
We specialize in Optical, RF and Communications test equipment repair, often considered too complex by other independent repair facilities.
Recently added repair pages;  5100B   81134A   CSA8200   CSA8000B   OSA203   DSO1024A   DSO1012A   81104A   MW82119B   MT9083A2   MT9083B2   IQ-9100-01-04-B   IQ-9100   3488A   DSA71604C   MIT400   N9320B   MS9720A   86105D   83050A   OLS4   DSO90804A   MSO70404C   DSO90254A   OV-1000   
Engineers, purchasing agents and resellers use Custom-Cal when purchasing expensive test equipment.
We protect your interest by providing unbiased inspection, appraisal and calibration independent of the seller before your right of refusal expires.
Our Buyer's Assurance means there is no need for you to question the seller's credibility. Your instruments are 100% in tolerance.
CC Marketplace allows a customer to buy with confidence.
Our trained experts evaluate each piece of equipment to eliminate any risk that is often caused by a lack of information you might get when buying used equipment.
Offers substantial savings by repairing and reselling test equipment which; is sometimes out of support, but very valuable to your operation.
Recently added instruments; 5100B   CSA8200   81600B   CSA8000B   SD24   81672B   81940A   86100C   OSP130   N9010A   MS2830A   AQ4321D   86141B   IQS-3150-BI   IQ-9100-01-04-B   MU181020A   MT1810A   IQ-5320   IQS-1613   3488A   44471A   44472A   44473A   4145B   8648B   a full list can be found at  Test Equipment Sales
Custom-Cal knows test equipment and constantly monitors the new test equipment market to bring you the latest innovation.
We've invested energy into securing new equipment lines that are exciting based on technology, size and value.
Our overhead is lower so we can normally pass savings on to you, we are also able to stand behind our lines with full calibration and repair support.