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Optical & RF Test Equipment Repair and Calibration at an Economical Price.

We are the only commercial repair lab in the country capable of fixing major problems with optical test equipment including OSA's, Tunable Lasers, Attenuators and Optical Wavelength meters.

Our customers are in direct communication with experts who can solve instrument problems today. You are able to call us anytime for free technical assistance related to test equipment repair and calibration.

The instruments listed below are a sample of what we have a high success rate of repairing. We can also stimulate your business with our expertise and unique savings on test equipment repair and calibration. If you can't wait on a repair, we have deep resources for providing test equipment rentals and we supply refurbished units at the best prices.
  Tunable Laser Source (TLS)  More Models
    Agilent /HP
81640A 81640B 81642A 81642B 81649A 81672B
      81680A 81680B 81682A 81682B 81689A 81600B
      8167A 8167B 8168A 8168D 8168E 8168F
      AQ4320A AQ4320D AQ4321A AQ4321D    
      SWS15101 SWS16101 SWS17101      
  Bit Error Rate Tester (BERT)  More Models
    Agilent /HP
37717B 37717C 37718A 37718B 37718C 37719B
37719C 70843B 70843C 71612B 71612C 86130A
      D3185A D3186 D3285 D3286    
      MP1763A MP1763B MP1763C MP1764A MP1764C MP1764D
  Digital Communication Analyzer and Plug In Modules (DCA)
  Optical Spectrum Analyzer (OSA)  More Models
    Agilent /HP
      70950A 70950B 70951A 70952A 70952B 86140A
      86140B 86141B 86142A 86142B 86143B 86144B
      86145A 86145B 86146B      
    Ando / Yokogawa
      AQ6310 AQ6310B AQ6310C AQ6312 AQ6315A AQ6315B
      AQ6315C AQ6315E AQ6317 AQ6317B AQ6319 AQ6330
      AQ6331 AQ6370        
      Q7760 Q8341 Q8344 Q8346 Q8347 Q8381
      Q8382 Q8383 Q8384 TQ8345    
  Back Reflection Meters  More Models
  Wavelength Meter  More Models
    Agilent /HP
86120A 86120B 86120C 86122A    
      WA-1100 WA-1150 WA-1500 WA-1600 WA-1650 WA-7000
      WA-7100 WA-7600        
      TQ8325 Q8326        
  OE Converters
    Agilent /HP
83440B 83440C 83440D      
  Optical Test  More Models
    Agilent /HP
8703A 8703B        
  RF Source   More Models
    Agilent /HP
70340A 8340A 8340B 83620A 83620B 83630A
      83630B 83640A 83640B 83650A 83650B 8662A
  RF Spectrum Analyzer  More Models
    Agilent /HP
8560A 8560E 8560EC 8561A 8561B 8561E
      8561EC 8562A 8562B 8562E 8562EC 8563A
      8563E 8563EC 8564E 8564EC 8565A 8565E
      8565EC 8590A 8590B 8591A 8591C 8591E
      8592A 8592B 8593A 8593E 8594A 8594E
      8595A 8595E 8596E      
  Vector Network Analyzer (VNA)  More Models
    Agilent /HP
8719A 8719C 8719D 8719ES 8719ET 8720A
      8720B 8720C 8720D 8720ES 8720ET 8722A
      8722C 8722D 8722ES 8722ET 8752A 8752B
      8752C 8753A 8753B 8753C 8753D 8753E
      8753ES 8753ET        
    Fluke / Wavetek / Datron
5500A 5520A 5700A 5720A 5725A 5790A
      4000 4200A 4600 4700 4705 4707
      4800 4800A 4805 4808 4920 4950
  Digital Multimeters (DMM)  More Models
    Agilent /HP
      3458A 34401A 34970A      
    Fluke / Wavetek / Daytron
1061 1071 1081 1271 1281 4920