A calibration by Custom-Cal is performed by engineers with extensive OEM experience. We have the expertise and the necessary standards to perform the IDEAL 61-920 Calibration, onsite calibration may be available. We specialize in quick turnaround times and we can handle expedited deliveries upon request.


   IDEAL 61-920   Description / Specification:    
IDEAL 61-920 Ground Clamp Resistance Meter

The Ideal 61-920 is a digital clamp-on ground resistance tester. It can measure the ground resistance
by simply clamping around the ground conductor, ground rod or equipment ground conductor. The 61-920 also measures leakage AC current up to 30 AAC. It has a liquid crystal display with a maximum count of 2099.

Earth resistance (Auto-ranging).
Range 20Ω;
  Measuring range 0.00 to 20.99Ω: Resolution 0.01Ω, Accuracy ±1.5% ±0.05Ω.
Range 200Ω;
  Measuring range 16.0 to 99.9Ω: Resolution 0.1Ω, Accuracy ±2% ±0.5Ω.
  Measuring range 100.0 to 209.9Ω: Resolution 0.1Ω, Accuracy ±3% ±2Ω.
Range 1200Ω;
  Measuring range 160 to 399Ω: Resolution 1Ω, Accuracy ±5% ±5Ω.
  Measuring range 400 to 599Ω: Resolution 1Ω, Accuracy ±10% ±10Ω.
  Measuring range 600 to 1260Ω: Resolution 10Ω.

AC current (ACA) (sine wave) (50Hz/60Hz) (Auto ranging).
Range 100 mA;
  Measuring range 0.0 to 104.9 mA: Resolution 0.1 mA, Accuracy ±2% ±0.7 mA.
Range 1000 mA;
  Measuring range 80 to 1049 mA: Resolution 1 mA, Accuracy ±2%.
Range 10 A;
  Measuring range 0.80 to 10.49 A: Resolution 0.01 A, Accuracy ±2%.
Range 30 A;
  Measuring range 8.0 to 31.45 A: Resolution 0.1 A, Accuracy ±2%.


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Averaging is a mathematical process to reduce the variation in a measurement by summing the data points from multiple measurements and dividing by the number of points summed.

Fall Time
Fall time is the time required for the amplitude of a pulse to decrease (fall) from a specified value (usually 90 percent of the peak value exclusive of overshoot or undershoot) to another specified value (usually 10 percent of the maximum value exclusive of overshoot or undershoot).

Noise Density
Noise Density is the amount of noise within a defined bandwidth, usually normalized to 1 Hz.

Resolution Bandwidth (RBW)
Resolution Bandwidth (RBW) is the minimum bandwidth over which you can separate two signals and still see them.

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