A calibration by Custom-Cal is performed by engineers with extensive OEM experience. We have the expertise and the necessary standards to perform the AIM-TTI PSA1302 Calibration, onsite calibration may be available. We specialize in quick turnaround times and we can handle expedited deliveries upon request.

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   AIM-TTI PSA1302   Description / Specification:    
AIM-TTI PSA1302 1.3 GHz Handheld RF Spectrum Analyzer

The AIM-TTI Instruments PSA1302 is a fully portable RF spectrum analyzer that incorporates a high resolution color TFT touch screen. It is sufficiently small and lightweight to be operated as a true handheld instrument and has a battery life of more than eight hours from each charge. The on-screen amplitude range is 85 dB with a reference level of -20dBm or 0dBm. Amplitudes can alternatively be displayed in dBμV. Vertical magnification down to 1dB/div can be selected. Average noise floor is better than -95dBm at -20dBm reference level and 15 kHz RBW (video filter on).

Frequency Measurement.

Frequency Span;
Frequency Range: 1 MHz to 1300 MHz in one range.
Setting Modes: Center frequency plus Span, or Start frequency plus Stop frequency.
Maximum Span: 1299 MHz (1 MHz to 1300 MHz).
Minimum Span: 270 kHz, or Zero Span with demodulation.
Setting Resolution: 1 kHz at any frequency.
Setting Accuracy: Reference Frequency Accuracy for Start, Stop & Center (Zero-Span) frequencies.

Reference Frequency Accuracy;
Initial Accuracy: Better than ± 10 ppm at 20°C.
Stability: Better than ± 10 ppm over 10°C to 30°C.
Ageing: Better than ± 3 ppm per year.

Phase Noise;
Phase Noise: Typically -90dBc/Hz at 100kHz offset at 500MHz.

Resolution Bandwidth;
RBW: Selectable as 1 MHz, 280 kHz or 15 kHz.
Video Filtering: Selectable On or Off.

Amplitude Measurement (Level).

Amplitude Range;
Display Range: 85 dB.
Measurement Units: dBm or dBμV (dB milliwatts or dB micro volts).
Reference Level: Selectable as -20 dBm or 0dBm (87 dBμV or 107 dBμV).

Amplitude Accuracy;
Ref. Level Accuracy: Better than ± 1 dB at 50MHz at 10dB below ref. level (20°C ± 5°C)
Level Flatness: Better than ± 1.5 dB relative to 50MHz over 1MHz to 2700MHz.
Amplitude Linearity: Better than ± 1 dB over 50dB range down from reference level.

Noise Floor;
Noise Floor: Better than -95 dBm average displayed noise floor for F > 3MHz (reference level = -20 dBm, RBW = 15 kHz, video filter On).


Standard Calibration $325.00 *
*This is a Web introductory price for one calibration of the AIM-TTI PSA1302. Price does not in most cases include measurement performance data. Pricing does include NIST traceable calibration and issue of a calibration certificate and calibration label. Pricing may vary slightly due to volume and location of laboratory supporting calibration. Volume pricing may apply. On-site fees may apply depending on logistics, location and volume of work to be completed during the visit.

Related RF Terms and Definitions. For a complete list go to our  Terms and Definitions Page.

Channel Bandwidth
Channel Bandwidth is the bandwidth over which power is measured. This is usually the bandwidth in which almost all of the power of a signal is contained.

Mismatch Uncertainty
Mismatch Uncertainty is caused by re-reflections between one device (the source) and the device that follows it (the load).

Rise Time
Rise time refers to the time required for a signal to change from a specified low value to a specified high value, usually 10 and 90 percent of pulse-top amplitude (vertical display is linear power).

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