Keysight (Agilent) 8645A CALIBRATION and Keysight (Agilent) 8645A REPAIR

A calibration by Custom-Cal is performed by engineers with extensive OEM experience. We have the expertise and the necessary standards to perform the Keysight (Agilent) 8645A Calibration, onsite calibration may be available. We specialize in quick turnaround times and we can handle expedited deliveries upon request.

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   Keysight (Agilent) 8645A   Description / Specification:    
Keysight (Agilent) 8645A 1030 MHz Frequency Agile Signal Generator

The HP 8645A Agile signal generator has a frequency range of 252 kHz to 1030 MHz, 2060 MHz (opt 002). Phase offset can be adjusted in 1 degree increments. The internal reference oscillator has an aging rate of <5E-10/day, with option 001 (high-stability timebase). At 128 to 1030 MHz, frequency switching time is <15 microseconds. The accuracy of any specified frequency is +/-2 ppm of carrier. Frequency hop range extends from 0.25 to 2060 MHz, and with FM on, is limited to any three consecutive frequency bands. In Fast Hop mode, each specific frequency and amplitude to be output is entered into a table with a maximum of 4000 channels. The order of channels to be output is entered into a sequence table, which can store up to 8000 items. THe 8645A has low spectral noise levels. Harmonics are at a level of <-30 dBc at an output level of <=10 dBm, and frequency range of 0.25 to 1030 MHz. Subharmonics do not occur below 515 MHz, and are at <-60 dBc for frequencies up to 1030 MHz. If using opt 002, subharmonics occur from 1030 to 2060 MHz at <-40 dBc. Nonharmonics, with a >20 kHz offset, occur at <-100 dBc under 1030 MHz, and at <-94 dBc between 1030 and 2060 MHz. The output power is selectable from +16 dBm to -137 dBm; with option 002, the maximum power level is +14 dBm up to 1030 MHz, and +13 dBm for all other frequencies. The absolute level accuracy is +/-1 dB for output over -127 dBm. There is 50 watts of reverse power protection from a 50 ohm source. The SWR is <1.7:1 at <-2 dBm. External mod input coupling is ac or dc for AM, FM, or phase modulation, with pulse modulation being dc coupled. For output levels less than +/-7 dBm, AM range is 0 to 99%. The AM indicator accuracy is +/-(6% of setting +2%, AM) up to 90% depth. There is an average 5% distortion across the full frequency range , at 400 Hz and 1 kHz rates, and 0 to 90% depth. There is a maximum of <0.2 radians of incidental phase modulation at 30% depth and 1 kHz. Typical external input impedance is 600 ohms. The maximum FM rate in standard operation in a 3 dB bandwidth in the 515 to 1030 MHz band and above is 10 MHz. The FM indicator accuracy is +/-10% for rates less than 50 kHz and less than 10% of max deviation. FM distortion for rates 20 Hz to 100 kHz is less than 2.7% for deviations <2% of the maximum available. The accuracy of the carrier frequency in FM is +/-0.4% of deviation setting, ac or dc coupled. Incidental AM is <0.5% at a deviation of <6% iof max. Pulse modulation on/off ratio is >35 dB, with a rise/fall time of <100 ns between 10% and 90% response points. The maximum pulse repetition frequency is 1 MHz with a minimum pusle width of 0.5 us. Typical output level accuracy is +/-2 dB. Typical external input levels are >3.0 V on, and <0.8 V off with a damage level >= +/-10 V at 600 ohms. The internal modulation source produces sine, square, sawtooth and white gaussian noise. The frequency range for white and gaussian noise is 0.1 Hz to 400 kHz and 0.1 Hz to 50 kHz for square and sawtooth waveforms. The frequency accuracy is the same as the reference oscillator. The output level is 1 V peak max into 600 ohms, with an accuracy of +/-20 mV. The output level resolution is 2 mV with an impedance of 600 ohms. The distortion is <0.1% with the output at 1 V peak and <=15 kHz. The Agilent 8645A has two frequency sweep modes: phase continuous sweep and fast hop sweep. In phase continuous sweep, sweep times from 10 ms to 10 s are not dependant on span, wich is a maximum of 40 MHz from 1030 to 2060 MHz (opt 002). Fast hop sweep can be set to linear or log stepped with times from 10 ms to 100s. The number of steps varies with time selected. The typical time for a frequency range of 0.25 to 2060 MHz is 650 us. Sweep control markers: X-axis: 0 to +10 V. Z-axis: +5 V retrace, +1 V trace, 0 V markers. Options: 001 (high-stability timebase), 002 (2 GHz output), 003 (RF connectors on rear panel only, 907 (front handle kit), 908 (rack flange kit, 909 (rack flange kit with front handles.


Standard Calibration $400.00 *
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*This is a Web introductory price for one calibration of the Keysight (Agilent) 8645A. Price does not in most cases include measurement performance data. Pricing does include NIST traceable calibration and issue of a calibration certificate and calibration label. Pricing may vary slightly due to volume and location of laboratory supporting calibration. Volume pricing may apply. On-site fees may apply depending on logistics, location and volume of work to be completed during the visit.

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Bandwidth is the difference between the upper and lower frequencies in a contiguous set of frequencies within which a component, link or network will operate.

Frequency Span
Frequency Span specifies the range between the start and stop frequencies, also referred to as bandwidth

Noise Figure
Noise Figure the ratio of the signal-to-noise power ratio at the input to the signal-to-noise power ratio at the output.

Ringing is an unwanted oscillation of a voltage or current.

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