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Back Reflection Meter

General description of Back Reflection Meter 's for sale.
Backreflection or return loss refers to the light reflected back toward the source The loss takes place at discontinuities of refractive index, especially at an air-glass interface such as a fiber endface. The considerable difference in index of refraction (IOR) between glass and air causes some amount of light to reflect and is usually expressed as a ratio in decibels (dB). An angled physical contact (APC) connector, which joins two fiber endfaces at a slight angle, sometimes is used to minimize attenuation and back reflection.
Backreflection Meters are used to measure the amount of light reflected.

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New Test Equipment Sales

 ManufacturerModelInstrument TypeOEM NameList Price
DetailsJGRBR5Back Reflection MeterBackreflection Meter SeriesContact for Price
DetailsJGRMBR5-04Back Reflection Meter4-Ch Backreflection MeterContact for Price
DetailsJGRMBR5-12Back Reflection Meter12-Ch Backreflection MeterContact for Price
DetailsJGRMBR5-24Back Reflection Meter24-Ch Backreflection MeterContact for Price

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