New Products from Luxar

Custom-Cal proudly supports sales of the Luxar 100Gb connectivity product family.
It is designed to meet all enterprise needs for an uninterrupted high speed data flow.

As an authorized sales and service representative of Luxar network equipment, we can source your new instrument requirements.

  Luxar VuePacket visibility platform features various models of smart TAPs, Stream Packet Processors and Protocol Convertors, focuses on L2 to L7 data inspection and provides full data visibility on demand.

  Focus on optical connectivity and provide optical transportation, amplification and protection for customers with high density unified LTC ConnectPro platform featuring Luxar OEO, iDCM with Mux/DeMux, EDFA, SOA, OLP components.

Fiber Monitoring and Protection
  Luxar provides a edge cutting live fiber monitoring solution through our proprietary COTDR technology, actively monitors the working optical fibers with traffic on a live basis with 1 meter resolution in full 100 km distance and provides real time fiber change alarm continuously.

Featured Instruments for Sale
 ModelInstrument NameInstrument Type
DetailsLTC203010G 8 XFP Port Optical-Electric-Optical SystemLAN-WAN Network Tester
DetailsLTC2060Multi-Rate 12 Port Optical-Electric-Optical SystemLAN-WAN Network Tester
DetailsLTC3030Fiber Monitoring SystemLAN-WAN Network Tester
DetailsLTC5060Semiconductor Optical Amplifier (SOA)LAN-WAN Network Tester