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ADVANTEST D3286 12 G-bps Error Detector

General description of the used ADVANTEST D3286 for sale.
The Advantest D3286 12G-bps error detector is provided with powerful evaluation and analysis functions includ ing the burst data (noncontinuous data) measurement function, the error-generating bit location function, the error measurement function for the specified bit range and the mixed SDH pattern synchronization function . (Mixed SDH pattern is generated by the D3186 and transferred under real conditions.) SDH/SONET Frame Synchronization Suitable for System Evaluation. With SDH/SONET equipment. frames are recognized by means of the synchronization pattern described on the SDH (section overhead). The D3286 error detector mounts the circuit for recognizing the frame synchronization signal and has the capability to set not only SDH/SONET frames but also FDDI and ATM frames and arbitrary synchronization patterns, allowing frames to be synchronized with user-specific frame patterns. The Advantest D3286 is provided with the error location function to locate error bits. For this reason , system errors occurring because of frequency characteristics of the circuit can be easily detected. When this function is used together with the error interval function to identify the cause of random errors, rapid improvement and evaluation are made possible. Specifications. Clock input Frequency range: 150 MHz to 12.0 GHz. DATA input; Frequency range: 150 Mbps to 12.0 Gbps. Sensitivity: 100 mVp-p typ. (12 Gbps), 50 mVp-p typ. (6 Gbps), Approx. 50 ohms.Measurable patterns; PRBS (pseudo random pattern) : 2^N-1, N = 7, 9, 10, 11, 15, 23 and 31. WORD (programmable pattern): Max. 8-Mbit long. SDH/SONET pattern: Max. STM-64/STS-192. Options: OPT3286+70: Mixed pattern generation function.

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116485100802269Option 70, Calibration $550Price $5,500.00
118347100802260Calibration $650Price $7,000.00

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