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TEKTRONIX MSO4104 4+16 Ch 1 GHz, 5 GS/s, Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

General description of the used TEKTRONIX MSO4104 for sale.
The Tektronix MSO4104 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope can analyze up to 20 analog and digital signals with a single instrument to quickly find and diagnose problems in complex designs. Bandwidths up to 1 GHz and a minimum of 5x oversampling on all channels ensure you have the performance you need to see fast-changing signal details. To capture long windows of signal activity while maintaining fine timing resolution, the MSO4104 offers a deep record length of 10M points standard on all channels.

Vertical System Analog Channels
Input Channels: 4.
Analog Bandwidth (-3 dB) 5 mV/div -1 V/div: 1 GHz.
Calculated Rise Time 5 mV/div (typical): 350 ps.
Hardware Bandwidth Limits: 20 MHz or 250 MHz.
Input Coupling: AC, DC, GND.
Input Impedance 1 MΩ: ±1%, 50 Ω ±1%.
Input Sensitivity, 1 MΩ: 1 mV/div to 10 V/div.
Input Sensitivity, 50 Ω: 1 mV/div to 1 V/div.
Vertical Resolution: 8 bits (11 bits with Hi Res).
Max Input Voltage, 1 MΩ: 250 VRMS with peaks ≤ ±400 V.
Max Input Voltage, 50 Ω: 5 VRMS with peaks < ±20 V.
DC Gain Accuracy: ±1.5% with offset set to 0 V.
Channel-to-Channel Isolation: ≥100:1 at ≤100 MHz and ≥30:1 at >100 MHz up to the rated bandwidth for any two channels having equal volts/div settings.

Horizontal System Analog Channels
Maximum Sample Rate (All channels): 5 GS/s.
Maximum Record Length (All channels): 10M points.
Maximum Duration at Highest Sample Rate (All channels): 2 ms.
Time Base Range: 400 ps to 1,000 s.
Time Base Delay Time Range: -10 divisions to 5000 s.
Channel-to-Channel Deskew Range: ±100 ns.
Time Base Accuracy: ±5 ppm over any ≥1 ms interval.

Vertical System Digital Channels
Input Channels: 16 Digital (D15 - D0).
Thresholds: Per-channel Thresholds.
Threshold Selections: TTL, CMOS, ECL, PECL, User Defined.
User-defined Threshold Range: +5 to -2 V.
Maximum Input Voltage: ±15 V.
Threshold Accuracy: ±(100 mV + 3% of threshold setting).
Input Dynamic Range: 6 Vp-p centered around the threshold.
Minimum Voltage Swing: 500 mV.
Input Impedance: 20 kΩ.
Probe Loading: 3 pF.
Vertical Resolution: 1 bit.

Horizontal System Digital Channels
Maximum Sample Rate (Main): 500 MS/s (2 ns resolution).
Maximum Record Length (Main): 10M points.
Maximum Sample Rate (MagniVu): 16.5 GS/s (60.6 ps resolution).
Maximum Record Length (MagniVu): 10k points centered around the trigger.
Minimum Detectable Pulse Width: 1.5 ns.
Channel-to-Channel Skew: 500 ps typical.

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