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AGILENT 16802A 68-Ch Portable Logic Analyzer

General description of the used AGILENT 16802A for sale.
The Agilent 16802A 68 channel Portable Logic Analyzer lets you make accurate high-speed timing measurements with 4 GHz (250 ps) high-speed timing zoom. A parallel acquisition architecture provides high-speed timing measurements simultaneously through the same probe used for state or timing measurements. Timing zoom stays active all the time with no tradeoffs. View data at high resolution over longer periods of time with 64-K-deep timing zoom. Specifications and Characteristics. Logic analyzer channels: 68, (64 data + 4 clocks), Unused clock channels can be used as data channels. High-speed timing zoom: 4 GHz (250 ps) with 64 K depth. Maximum timing sample rate (Half/full ch): 1.0 GHz (1.0 ns) / 500 MHz (2.0 ns). Memory depth in full channel mode: based on option installed, 1 to 32 M. Maximum trigger sequence speed: 250 MHz. Maximum trigger sequence levels: 16. Trigger sequence level branching: Arbitrary 4-way if/then/else. Trigger position: Start, center, end, or user-defined. LCD display: 38.1-cm (15-in.) display makes is easy to view a large number of waveforms or states. Options; -001, 1 M Memory depth. -004, 4 M Memory depth. -016, 16 M Memory depth. -032, 32 M Memory depth. -250, 250 MHz State speed. -500, 450 MHz State speed. -101, Internal Hard Drive. -102, Front Panel with 15” Display. -103, Front Panel with 15” Display Touch screen. -109, External removable hard drive.

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