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AGILENT 4145B Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer

General description of the used AGILENT 4145B for sale.
The HP 4145B Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer has four built-in source monitor units (SMUs). Each SMU can be independently programmed to function as either a voltage source/ current monitor or a current source/ voltage monitor. Thus, a bipolar transistor, for example, can be completely characterized in common-base, common-emitter, and common-collector configurations without changing connections--only changing the SMUs' operating modes is required. The HP 4145B is also equipped with two voltage sources and two voltage monitors for measurements on devices having more than four terminals, such as ICs. Output/measurement resolution: voltage, 4 1/2 digits; current, 4 digits. Voltage measurement input resistance/current source output resistance: >= 10 ^12. Maximum capacitive load: 1000 pF. Maximum voltage compliance: 20 V, 40 V, or 100 V, depending on the output current range. Maximum current compliance: 20 rnA, 50 rnA, or 100 rnA, depending on the output voltage range. Compliance setting resolution: same as current and voltage output/measurement resolution. Maximum current compliance resolution, however, is 50 pA. Compliance accuracy: voltage compliance accuracy is the same as voltage output/ measurement accuracy. Current compliance accuracy is current output/measurement accuracy ± (1% of range + 10 pA). Voltage Sources (Vs) Characteristics; Number of sources: two. Output resistance: <= 0.2 ohm. Maximum capacitive load: 1000 pF. Voltage Monitors (Vm) Characteristics; Number of monitors: two. Input resistance: I M=ohm ± 1 % shunted by 100 pF ± 10%. Maximum allowable terminal voltage: 100 V peak across SMU and V m input terminals, or SMU and V S output terminals, or between those terminals and guard; and 42 V maximum from Common to Ground. CRT size and screen resolution: 152.4 mm (6 inch) diagonal; 2048 x 2048 points.

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1341312830501505Includes 16058A Test Fixture, Calibration $270Price $1,600.00

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