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AGILENT 8012B Pulse Source

General description of the used AGILENT 8012B for sale.
The HP 8012B Pulse Source provides the ideal solution to almost all digital logic testing problems with variable transition times down to 5 ns. The well-composed layout of the front panel controls (horizontal controls for horizonta l parameters, vertical controls for vertical parameters) ena bles output pulses to be set up quickly and accurately with minimum risk of incompatible settings. The HP 8012B features normal and complement outputs and a switchable internal 50 ohm source. Specifications. Pulse Transition times (4 ranges. Verniers provide separate control of both edges within ranges up to max. ratios of 100:1 or 1:100): Int. load IN, 5 ns - 0.5 s; Int. load OUT, 6 ns - 0.5 s. Linearity: for transition times> 30 ns, maximum straight line deviation is 5% of pulse amplitude. Preshoot: < ± 5% of pulse amplitude. Pulse width: < 10 ns to 1 s in four ranges. Vernier provides continuous adjustment within ranges. Width jitter: < 0.1 % + 50 ps on any width setting. Maximum duty cycle: > 75% from 1 Hz to 10 MHz. decreasing to >= 40% at 50 MHz. Up to 100% in COMPL mode. Polarity: positive or negative selectable. NORM/ COMPL/ SYM selectable. Pulse delay: < 35 ns to 1 s (with respect to trigger output) in four ranges; vernier provides continuous adjustment within ranges. Delay jitter: < 0.1 % + 50 ps on any setting. Repetition Rate and Trigger: 1 Hz to 50 MHz in four ranges, continuous adjustment within ranges. Period jitter: < 0.1 % + 50 ps on any rate setting. Square wave: 0.5 Hz to 25 MHz in four ranges. Duty cycle 50% ± 5% up to 1 MHz, tolerance increases to ± 15% at 25 MHz. Trigger output: > + I V across 50 ohm, 16 ns ± 10 ns wide. External Triggering: 0 to 50 MHz; for square wave output. frequency divided by factor 2. Trigger input: sine waves 1.5 V p-p (about zero) or pulses > 0.8 V either polarity, > 7 ns wide. Maximum input ± 7 V. Impedance: 50 ohm ± 10%, dc coupled. Delay: 25 ns ± 8 ns leading edge trig. input to trig. output. Manual: pushbutton for single pulse.

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