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AGILENT 8164A Lightwave Measurement System Mainframe

General description of the used AGILENT 8164A for sale.
The Agilent 8164A Lightwave Measurement System Mainframe supports a whole range of tunable laser modules and all modules of the 8153A and 8163A Lightwave Multimeter series. The 8164A mainframe features connectivity to a wide range of controlling equipment through GPIB and PC Card interface. Configurable hardware input and output trigger ports complete the 8164A’s ability to operate in an automated test environment. A 3.5" floppy drive, VGA port (a RS232C serial interface), keyboard connector, and parallel printer port are included. The 81680A and 81682A modules operate in the 1550 nm band whereas the 81640A covers the wavelength range from 1510 nm to 1640 nm. Optimum tuning precision for the test of critical dense-WDM devices. The 81640A, 81680A and 81682A Tunable Laser modules with their built-in wavelength control loop push today’s performance limits. As they are all mode-hop free tunable with continuous output power, they qualify for the test of the most critical DWDM components. All three modules fit into the bottom slot of the Agilent 8164A mainframe. The Agilent 8164A mainframe hosts one Agilent 81640A / 80A / 82A tunable laser module; or up to four power sensor modules or Agilent 81689A compact tunable laser sources. Trigger: True synchronous on all channels. Display: 600 x 400 points visible.

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121806DE40704214Calibration $90Price $5,000.00

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