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AGILENT 8595E 6.5 GHz RF Spectrum Analyzer

General description of the used AGILENT 8595E for sale.
The Agilent 8595E 6.5 GHz portable spectrum analyzer brings powerful, comprehensive measurement capabilities to RF, microwave and digital applications. Performance specifications include low phase noise of -105 dBc at 30 kHz offset and frequency-synthesized accuracy of 2.1 kHz at 1 GHz, which can be improved to 210 Hz with an optional precision frequency reference. Second- and third-order dynamic ranges are 77 and 90 dB, respectively. Calibrated amplitude range is +30 to -130 dBm with Option 130, and calibrated onscreen display range is 70 dB. Narrow resolution bandwidths of 30, 100, 200 EMI and 300 Hz are available on an optional circuit card, which can be added to these analyzers at any time. Specifications. Frequency range: 9 kHz to 6.5 GHz. Frequency accuracy: ± 210 Hz (CF = 1 GHz). Frequency Span Range: 0 Hz (zero span); 10 kHz to 6.5 GHz: 1 kHz min (Opt 130). Frequency Span Resolution: Four digits or 20 Hz x N. whichever is greater. Frequency Span Accuracy Span =10 MHz x N: ± 2% of span. Frequency Span Accuracy Span >10 MHz x N: ± 3% of span. Sweep Time Range: Span = 0 Hz or > 10 kHz: 20 ms to 100 s. Resolution bandwidth range: 30 Hz to 3 MHz. Video bandwidth range: 30 Hz to 1 MHz in 1, 3 sequence (1 Hz to 1 MHz with Opt 130). Amplitude Range: Displayed average noise level to +30 dBm. Average noise level (narrowest RBW): -125 dBm. Optimum dynamic range 2nd/3rd order: 77 dB / 86 dB. Amplitude accuracy: ± 2.2dB. Data Storage (nominal)Internal: 50 traces; 8 states. Instrument Options: 004, Precision Frequency Reference. 009, LO and Sweep + Tune. 010, 50 ? Built-in Tracking Generator, 9 kHz to 2.9 GHz. 012, Source for DECT Receiver Test. 041, HP-IB and Parallel Printer Interfaces. 043, RS-232 and Parallel Printer Interfaces. 050, Improved Amplitude Accuracy (NADCTDMA bands). 051, Improved Amplitude Accuracy for PDC Bands. 052, Improved Amplitude Accuracy for PHS Bands. 053, Improved Amplitude Accuracy for CDMA Bands. 101, Fast Time Domain Sweeps and Analog + Display. 102, AM/FM Demodulator and TV Sync Trigger(TV Sync requires Opt 101). 103, Quasi-Peak Detector/AM-FM Demodulator. 105, Time-gated Spectrum Analysis. 107, TV Receiver Video Tester. 110, CT2 Demodulator. 111, Group Delay and Amplitude Flatness. 112, DECT Demodulator. 119, Noise Figure. 130, Narrow Resolution Bandwidths (30 to 300 Hz and 200 Hz EMI). 140, Narrow Bandwidths and Precision Frequency. 151, DSP, FAST ADC, and Digital Demodulator. 160, PDC, PHS, NADC, and CDMA Firmware for Opt 151. 163, GMS/DCS1800 Firmware for Option 151. 180, TV Picture NTSC/PAL/SECAM. 301, TV Sync Trigger, Fast Time Domain Sweeps, AM/FM Demodulator, Analog + Display. 711, 50/75? Matching Pad/100 Vdc Block. Measurement Personalities: 11770A, Link Measurement Personality. 85700A, Blank 32-KB Memory Card. 85702A, Blank 128-KB Memory Card. 85712D, EMC Auto-Measurement Personality. 85713A, Digital Radio Measurement Personality. 85714A, Scalar Measurement Personality. 85715B, GSM Measurement Personality. 85717A, CT2-CAI Measurement Personality. 85718B, NADC-TDMA Measurement Personality. 85719A, Noise Figure Measurement Personality. 85720C, PDC Measurement Personality. 85721A, Cable TV Measurements and System Monitor Personality. 85722B, DCS1800 Measurement Personality. 85723A, Option H01 DECT Measurement Personality. 85724A, Broadcast Measurement Personality. 11982A, Opt 001 Lightwave Converter Personality. 85725B, CDMA Measurement Personality. 85726B, PHS Measurement Personality.

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