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AGILENT 86130A BitAlyzer Error Performance Analyzer and Pattern Generator

General description of the used AGILENT 86130A for sale.
Agilent 86130A BitAlyzer 3 Gbit/s BitAlyzer with basic error analysis (3 Gbit/s BER measurement and analysis with internal clock source, 3.6 Gbit/s external clock). Options: 86130A-100, 2-D error mapping. 86130A-200, Error correction coding analysis. 86130A-300, Add E4422B 4.0 GHz external synthesized signal source. Pattern Generator Parameters; Operating Frequency: 50 MHz to 3.6 GHz with external clock (opt), 50 MHz to 3 GHz with internal clock source. Internal Clock Source; Freq. Range: 50 MHz to 3 GHz. Freq. Accuracy: ±20 ppm. Test Patterns; 2^N-1 PRBS: 2^31-1, 2^23-1, 2^15-1, 2^10-1, 2^7-1. 2^N PRBS: 2^23, 2^15, 2^10, 2^7, Variable Mark Density 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 7/8. User Defined Patterns: Variable length patterns from 1 to 8 Mbits. Alternating Patterns: Change between two equal length user patterns, each up to 4 Mbits long. Changeover is synchronous with the end of a pattern, under control of the front panel or Auxiliary Input. Error Add: Single, continuously variable between 1x10-2 and 1x10-9, and user specified bursts of errors. Pattern Editor included with cut, copy & paste functions. Error Detector Parameters; Operating Frequency: 50 MHz to 3.6 GHz.. Test Patterns: As specified for Pattern Generator. Auto-Align: Includes synchronizing, data polarity, clock/ data align, clock invert, 0/1 threshold center. Data In Delay: Manual Data In Delay/Auto Clock-Data Align. Threshold Setting: Manual set, Average DC level set, Auto 0/1 center. Synchronization: Manual, Auto, Burst, Capture. Sync threshold adjustable from 10^-1 to 10^-9. Internal Hard Disk for local storage of user patterns and data. Removable Storage, MS-DOS® compatible 3.5" Superdrive (accepts 1.4 Mbyte HD disks & 120 Mbyte SuperDisks) Data Entry, Touch-sensitive display, numeric keypad with up/down arrows, analog feel position controls, or provided USB keyboard and mouse if desired. Display, Internal 8" (diag) backlit LCD touch-screen. Interfaces: GPIB (IEEE 488), LAN (10 Base T Ethernet) for print and file transfer, printer port, VGA output.

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114274US40480379Calibration $375Price $7,500.00
118037US40480312Option 08C, Calibration $650Price $5,250.00

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