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Custom-Cal has a used AGILENT 8648B 2000 MHz Synthesized Signal Generator in stock and ready for purchase at a fair price. All units sold by Custom-Cal are provided with an applicable NIST traceable calibration/performance verification and a 90 day warranty (unless otherwise noted). With this added service, you can be confident that you are buying a fully functional unit that meets OEM specifications.

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AGILENT 8648B 2000 MHz Synthesized Signal Generator

General description of the used AGILENT 8648B for sale.
The HP 8648B 2000 MHz synthesized signal generator delivers solid performance and reliability. This signal generator provides the features and performance needed for semi-automated receiver testing and for use in a variety of general-purpose applications over a 9 kHz to 2000 MHz frequency range. The HP 8648B provides ±1 dB absolute amplitude accuracy up to 2 GHz. It offers ultra stable dc FM, with ±500 Hz carrier frequency accuracy below frequencies of 1001 MHz, and low RF leakage. Applications such as receiver tuning and alignment benefit from the simple user interface. These signal generators are so easy to learn and use that experienced operators are no longer required. With 300 full storage registers and ten user-definable sequences, the signal generator easily adapts to any test procedure. Once setups are stored in registers, operators can quickly sequence through them, either from the front panel or through a remote keypad (HP 83300A). In addition, the HP 83301A memory interface provides the means to transfer register information from one HP 8647/48 to another. Specifications. Frequency: 9 kHz to 2000 MHz. Resolution: 0.001 Hz (Display: 10 Hz). Switching Speed (typical): <1001 MHz: < 75 ms; >=1001 MHz: < 100 ms. Accuracy (after one hour warm-up and within one year calibration): Typically ± 3 x 10^–6 x carrier frequency in Hz, ± 0.15 x 10^–6 x carrier frequency in Hz for Option 1E5 (typically ± 0.072 x 10^–6 x fc). Internal Reference Oscillator Accuracy and Stability (calibration adjustment dependent; after one hour warm-up and within one year of calibration), ± aging rate ± temperature effects ± line voltage effects. Internal Reference Oscillator Output: 10 MHz, typically > 0.5 Vrms into 50 ohm. External Reference Oscillator Input: Accepts 2, 5, 10 MHz ±5 ppm and a level range of 0.5 V to 2 Vrms into 50 ohm. Harmonics (output <= 4 dBm): < –30 dBc. Subharmonics (output <= +4 dBm) < 1001 MHz: –60 dBc; >= 1001 MHz: –50 dBc. Output Range: <= 2000 MHz: +13 to –136 dBm. Options. Opt 1EA High Power. Opt 1E6 Pulse. Opt 1E2 Modulation Generator. Opt 1E5 High-Stability Timebase.

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