The Agilent 83440B, 83440C and 83440D Lightwave converter calibration is one of numerous optical test equipment calibrations we can perform. This calibration provides test data in a detailed format like the OEM but at a lower cost. (Datasheet Example) Custom-Cal is able to add special points, even outside the Optical to Electrical Converters normal operating range. Ask about Custom-Cal’s other unique optical calibration capabilities which provide a substantial savings while still offering flexibility to meet individual customer calibration requirements. Also you can contact us on the possibility of repairing these units.
The Agilent 83440B, 83440C and 83440D lightwave converters are fast, accurate, DC-coupled optical-to-electrical (O/E) converters packaged as small optical probes. They mount directly to electrical instrument front panels to simplify integration and minimize distortion and loss from cables, connectors, and signal conditioning components. A simple internal structure ensures very low signal distortion for improved output signal fidelity.
Recommended Accessories:
87421A External 15V fixed power supply
11899A External probe power supply
8493C-003 3.5 mm fixed attenuator (3 dB)
8493C-006 3.5 mm fixed attenuator (6 dB)
11901D 2.4 mm (f) to 3.5 mm (m) coax adapter
1250-1391 SMB-tee
11612A 3.5 mm bias network (45 MHz–26.5 GHz)
  DC Bias Cables
83440-60004 SMB (f) to quick connect (LEMO)
83440-60005 SMB (m) to bare wire (ground = black, +15V = clear)
83440-60006 3-pin half-round (f) to quick connect (LEMO)
83440-60009 9-pin D-sub (m) to SMB (m)

011 Diamond HMS-10 Connector
012 FC/PC Connector
013 DIN 47256 Connector
014 ST Connector
015 Biconic Connector
017 SC Connector
050 50 ohm output for use with SoNET/SoH filters
Description of Model 
RF Connector: 3.5 mm [m], 50 ohm
DC Bias Voltage +10 to +15V dc required
Compatible Fiber 9/125 single mode fiber
Output Impedance Unterminated (50 ohm terminated for Opt 050)
Conversion Gain (min, into 50 ohm load): 1300 nm 35 V/W (Opt 050: 16.5 V/W), 1550 nm 32.5 V/W (Opt 050: 15 V/W)
Pulse Width: < 73 ps FWHM
Rise/Fall Time: <80ps (calculated)
Noise: 2 μW RMS max, equivalent optical noise power
Maximum Safe Input Optical Power: +10 dBm (Peak)
Maximum Operating Input Optical Power: +3 dBm (Peak)
Wavelength Spectral Response: 1000 nm to 1600 nm
DC Responsivity 1300 nm: 0.70 A/W, –3.1 dB (Opt 050: 0.33 A/W, –9.6 dB)
DC Responsivity 1550 nm: 0.65 A/W, –3.7 dB (Opt 050: 0.30 A/W, –10.5 dB
Bandwidth: DC to >6 GHz (-3dB optical)

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