General Meter Calibration and Repair Service

We have used General Meter's currently in stock and available for purchase on our  used General Meter page

Our prices for General Meter calibration service range from:
$80.00 to $400.00
The type general meters include:
Voltmeter, an instrument used for measuring electrical potential difference between two points in an electric circuit
Ammeter, a measuring instrument used to measure the electric current in a circuit. Digital ammeter designs use a shunt resistor to produce a calibrated voltage proportional to the current flowing.
Ohmmeter, an electrical instrument that measures electrical resistance, the opposition to an electric current.
Source–measurement unit (SMU), a special kind of instrument that can work as a constant current source or as a constant voltage source. A Sourcemeter adds measurement capabilities.

At Custom-Cal we know OEM General Meter calibration services are generally rigid in their turnaround time and scope of calibration. That is why we take pride in our ability to follow rigid procedures but what differentiates us is our willingness to meet your business goals. We can perform specific portions of the calibration based on your quality requirements enabling us to strike the optimal balance between quality objectives and cost. This is accomplished through the use of our proprietary procedures and integrated processes.

Custom-Cal also offers on-site General Meter calibration service and expedited services to meet the needs of our customers. The instruments listed below are a sample of what we calibrate and can possibly repair.

General Meter Calibration Services Featured Instruments (Sample of what we calibrate)
 ManufacturerModelInstrument TypeCalibration Type, Price
DetailsKEITHLEY194AHigh Speed VoltmeterStandard Calibration $135.00
DetailsKEITHLEY236Source-Measure UnitStandard Calibration $240.00
DetailsKEITHLEY237High-Voltage Source-Measure UnitStandard Calibration $240.00
DetailsKEITHLEY238High-Current Source-Measure UnitStandard Calibration $240.00
DetailsKEITHLEY2400210 V General Purpose Source Meter w/ MeasurementsStandard Calibration $295.00
DetailsKEITHLEY2400-CGeneral Purpose Source Meter w/ Contact CheckStandard Calibration $240.00
DetailsKEITHLEY2400-LV Standard Calibration $240.00
DetailsKEITHLEY2410High-Voltage Source Meter w/ MeasurementsStandard Calibration $240.00
DetailsKEITHLEY2420High Current SourceMeter w/ MeasurementsStandard Calibration $240.00
DetailsKEITHLEY2425105 V Source Meter w/ MeasurementsStandard Calibration $240.00
DetailsKEITHLEY2425-CSource Meter w/ Contact CheckStandard Calibration $240.00
DetailsKEITHLEY2430Pulse Mode Source Meter w/ MeasurementsStandard Calibration $240.00
DetailsKEITHLEY244042 V Source Meter w/ MeasurementsStandard Calibration $240.00
DetailsKEITHLEY247Regulated High Voltage SupplyStandard Calibration $185.00
DetailsKEITHLEY2500Dual Photodiode MeterStandard Calibration $240.00
DetailsKEITHLEY2502Dual Photodiode MeterStandard Calibration $240.00
DetailsKEITHLEY2510TEC SourceMeterStandard Calibration $240.00
DetailsKEITHLEY2510-ATAutotuning TEC SourceMeterStandard Calibration $240.00
DetailsKEITHLEY2601Single-Channel System Source MeterStandard Calibration $240.00
DetailsKEITHLEY2602Dual-Channel System Source MeterStandard Calibration $240.00
*This is a Web introductory price for one General Meter calibration. Price does not in most cases include measurement performance data. Pricing does include NIST traceable calibration and issue of a calibration certificate and calibration label. Pricing may vary slightly due to volume and location of laboratory supporting calibration. Volume pricing may apply. On-site fees may apply depending on logistics, location and volume of work to be completed during the visit.

Calibration of related subtypes;
Ammeter   Ohmmeter   Voltmeter   

Other types in this category.

Source–measurement unit (SMU)