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Custom-Cal has used Optical Switch 's in stock and ready for purchase at a fair price. All units sold by Custom-Cal are provided with an applicable NIST traceable calibration/performance verification and a 90 day warranty (unless otherwise noted). With this added service, you can be confident that you are buying a fully functional unit that meets OEM specifications.

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Optical Switch

General description of used Optical Switch 's for sale.
In fiber optic / telecommunication industries, an optical switch is a switch that enables signals in optical fibers or integrated optical circuits (IOCs) to be selectively switched from one circuit to another.
An optical switch may operate by mechanical means, such as physically shifting an optical fiber to drive one or more alternative fibers, or by electro-optic effects, magneto-optic effects, or other methods. Slow optical switches, such as those using moving fibers, may be used for alternate routing of an optical switch transmission path, such as routing around a fault. Fast optical switches, such as those using electro-optic or magneto-optic effects, may be used to perform logic operations; also included in this category are semiconductor optical amplifiers, which are optoelectronic devices that can be used as optical switches and be integrated with discrete or integrated microelectronic circuits.


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PurchaseCC IDManufacturermodelOEM NameDescriptionInstrument NotesSale Price
116013AGILENT86060CCompact Lightwave SwitchOptions 001, 012, 051, 109, calibration $325Price $3,200
117997AGILENT86061CMid-Size Lightwave SwitchOptions 001, 012, 051, 109, 216, Calibration $225Price $2,000
118350AGILENT86061CMid-Size Lightwave SwitchOptions 001, 012, 051, 109, 216, Calibration $225Price $8,000
134143EXFOIQ-9100-01-04-B1 x 4, 1290 to 1650 nm Optical Switch ModuleCalibration $150Price $800
134144EXFOIQ-9100-01-04-B1 x 4, 1290 to 1650 nm Optical Switch ModuleCalibration $150Price $800
114033JDSUSC2D40164+27XF001FAProgrammable Fiberoptic SwitchCalibration $375Price $3,500

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